Jones Yasuda CCAB AGRO CEO



Humanity is striding towards nine billion people. A billion of them, already in the next ten years, when we will be eight billion passengers in the ship called Earth. In a vertiginous rhythm, new means of communication arise, resetting the way people think, consume and relate. Medicine, industry, and the engineering industry challenge each other daily to solve the problems that the growing – and long-lasting – population imposes. But on no other sector does the responsibility of providing for the escalation of humanity weights as much as agriculture, where food, textile fibers, and many other raw materials that support rapid population growth come from. Among all countries, Brazil has the most difficult short-term mission: to increase production in its plantations and herds assuming the responsibility of serving approximately 41% of the additional demand for food, becoming one of the most important players on the planet.
CCAB understands this mission as a challenge to which it is a part, and all its actions aim to overcome it. If on one hand the company is a supplier of crop protection products that give farmers security for efficient and large-scale production, on the other hand it is still essentially a farmer’s business, which enhances its ability to provide its customers with exactly what they need. We are committed to strengthening the farmer, and consequently the Brazilian agriculture and the country’s economy, thus returning to Brazilians with jobs, education, food and health.


At the present moment, little more than a decade since its creation, CCAB has accumulated great achievements and outlines even more robust goals. From a cooperative consortium of cerrado producers in Brazil to access crop protection products, it has become the largest crop protection company in the country and the largest cooperative alliance in Latin America. In 2016, it became part of a global platform, with the entry of the InVivo Group, formed, like the CCAB itself, by farmers. In the case of InVivo, from France. This opens up very large possibilities for us as the crop protection market has become even more concentrated with the recent mergers and acquisitions of large multinationals.

In 2018, already representing 55,000 farmers in the country, we expanded our operations with the creation of Cropline, a platform that gives non-shareholder  access to CCAB products. We become a company of national scope, and we aim with this also to be a vector of innovation; a gateway for the entry of new players in such a restricted scenario. This means alternatives for the rural producer, group of which we are part and, as such and by which, we fight in the defense of their interests, especially, to put Brazil in technological parity with the countries that face us, which is only done with modernization and the removal of the red tapes of the processes to introduce new molecules in the market. And without new technologies that allow us to produce more, in the same spaces and with the least environmental impact, we can not guarantee the prosperity of a world population of nine billion people.