To be the main reference of rural producers as a preferred supplier and facilitator of technical, material and professional resources, focusing on the continuous improvement of agribusiness, the interests of its shareholders and the development of its collaborators.


Contribute to the sustainable growth of the Brazilian agribusiness, adding the strength of the rural producers to leverage the productivity and the profitability of the crops, through the supply of inputs.


Valorization of human beings and teamwork

We work consistently, focused, always reflecting our spirit of unity and team, respecting the diversity of abilities and talents.
We invest our best as individuals for the benefit of the whole.
We encourage,the creation of an increasingly healthy and safe work environment, eliminating hazards and minimizing risks of our activities.

Accountability and transparency

We are committed to complying with legal requirements, our management policies and good practices with clients, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the whole society.
By managing environmental impacts, we protect the environment.
Our relationships are based on trust, based on our attitudes, transparency and accountability.

Passion and commitment

Our motivation is the delivery of our best, with commitment and passion for everything we do.
We maximize the value of the company and the results and solutions for our customers and consumers. We seek continuous improvement because we believe that in this way we grow as professionals and as people.